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Acupuncture in Houston, TX - Houston Acupuncture & Herb Clinic

2405 South Shepherd, Houston, TX 77019.     TEL: 713-529-8332.

2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030.     TEL: 713-666-5667. 

We are one of the best, biggest, and oldest acupuncture clinics in Houston area.


acupuncture for infertility, back pain, PMS, menopause, stress, allergy, migraine headache, endometriosis, neck/shoulder pain, smoking, weight, IVF/IUI, TMJ, tendonitis, arthritis,  depression, anxiety, insomnia,  face lift, quit smoking, etc. One of the oldest and best acupuncture clinics in Houston, TX

Acupuncture Houston TX - West Holcombe Clinic Acupuncture Houston TX - South Shepherd Clinic
acupuncture houston tx west holcombe clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at 2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX. @ the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner.
acupuncture houston tx south shepherd dr. clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at South Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX@ the corner of Westheimer Drive and next to the KFC. This location has been servicing Houston for more than18 years.
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The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner
TEL: 713-666-5667.
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Acupuncture Houston TX-South Shepherd Clinic
TEL: 713-529-8332.

There are over 600 different herbs formula at our acupuncture and herb clinic, and we make a special professional formulation for each patient.
"It is quite common that a patient will experience a major improvement after their first visit."


Chinese Medicine HoustonFrom J.B. I was having blood tests done on a weekly basis. I was extremely tired; I had edema in legs, my stomach and both arms. I was bruising all over, and my vision was deteriorating.
Ten years ago I had been having tests done more and more frequently by my doctor, trying to identify what was wrong with me. I was having blood tests done on a weekly basis. I was extremely tired; I had edema in legs, my stomach and both arms. I was bruising all over, and my vision was deteriorating. Even though I was exhausted all the time, I was unable to sleep well and would wake up twitching. The four different doctors I had been going to all suspected lupus, and wanted to do several biopsies in the hospital. When they told me that the only treatment they could offer if I did have lupus was essentially steroids, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying an alternative method. I was absolutely terrified, but Jo-Mei was very reassuring on that first visit. This was back when their herb clinic was using whole herbs rather than the concentrated freeze dried ones of today. I remember sitting in my kitchen after that first visit, looking at my bags of herbs and thinking that I had really lost it - and those bags probably contained bat wings and rats feet. But I cooked them according to Jo-Mei's directions, and took them. I really think I must have slept through the entire first month, except when I was in for a treatment. I felt like I was 100 percent better by the 2nd month. And dr. wuwithin 6 months, I was feeling better than I had in years - I actually had no idea that I had been walking around feeling so lousy. It was incredible. Since then, Jo-Mei has been there to help me. Whether it is the simple allergy problem, occasional sinus infections, or this last year when I was told I might have lung cancer, Jo-Mei has been there like a trusted friend to help me through. Although I did not have lung cancer, I did have to have a thoracotomy to have the tumor and a small portion of my lung removed. Jo-Mei prepared herbs to help me prepare for the surgery, and gave me treatments to help deal with the stress. Although the doctor told me I would probably be in the hospital for 10 days after the surgery, I went in on a Tuesday, came out of intensive care on a Wednesday, and went home that Saturday morning. My surgeon called me his magic patient - but I told him it was because of my "magic" Chinese Doctor.

P. F.   Jannie Chiang is the best acupuncturist for me!

Thank you! And thank you again…  Your knowledge, patience, and your herbs have done more for me in the past 4 months than any “ conventional” western doctor ahs dome in the past 10 years.  I did not realize just tired and run down I was until I started with acupuncture and the herbs you have provided me. It is very comforting to know that I can be healthy. Sleep well, and have energy without having take pharmaceuticals.  AND, it goes with out saying; my acupuncture treatments are what get me through the daily grind-know as life.  My hot flashes, insomnia, and anxiety are all gone. Again, thank you.  I am grateful that I have Jannie Chiang as my acupuncturist in my corner.

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Chinese Medicine HoustonChinese herbs can treat and heal acute and chronic conditions by strengthening the body and its immune system, helping it to recover and restore its harmony. It is common to use Chinese herbs to treat back pain, arthritis, migraine, infertility, weight loss, allergy, depression, fibromyalgia, fibroids, menopause, PMS, endometriosis, fatigue, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, sinus infection, bronchitis, asthma, stress, anxiety, insomnia, vertigo, cancer supportive treatment, side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, lupus, acne, psoriasis, constipation, hepatitis, gallbladder stones, etc.

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For over thousands of years, the Chinese have observed patterns in the body's functioning and how those patterns related to disease. Out of these studies they developed a system of treatment based on the notion of restoring the body to its natural balance.

As Western people learn more about the sciences of Chinese herb medicine, it has gained an increasing interest on how to perceive and treat diseases, revolutionizing and challenging participation in the new model of medical science which integrates the best of both the Oriental and Western worlds.

What Chinese Herb Medicine Does
For over twenty-three centuries, Chinese Medicine has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness. Constantly improving through research and clinical observation, it can remedy ailments and alter states of mind. Chinese herbs can also enhance recuperative power, immunity, and leads to a lifestyle of health and happiness.

Chinese Medicine HoustonChinese Herb Medicine theory
Within Chinese cosmology, the interaction of the two basic polarities, Yin and Yang, creates everything: male and female, heaven and earth, day and night, hot and cold, wet and dry, inner and outer, body and mind. Harmony of this union means balance, health, happiness, good weather and good fortune. Disharmony leads to disease, disaster, bad luck, unhappiness, and poverty. The strategy of Chinese Medicine is to restore harmony.

Traditional Chinese Herb Medicine Analysis
Each patient is analyzed in the same manner much like a gardener analyzes his garden; determining areas which are too damp, too dry, too much heat, and which may be exposed to excessive wind. Each person has a sensitive ecology to be maintained. The Chinese Medical Practitioner assists a person's health by promoting a healthy balance, and just as a gardener uses irrigation, soil buildup, and compost to grow robust plants, the Chinese Medical Practitioner uses Herbs, Acupuncture, Qi and food to recover and sustain the health of the patient.

How Does disease Develop?

Organs & Their functions, Life Force and the Manifestation of Illness dr.jannie, dr. chiang
Consider a river, free-flowing, with abundant fresh water, no pollution, no logjams and little debris, with a moderate temperature. Such a river will be very productive and life-supporting. The banks and islands will grow many animals and deep eddies and pools will contain healthy fish and plant life. We have all seen the effects of dams, pollution, & gravel mining on rivers. Animals, birds and fish disappear. Suffering from malnutrition, one becomes more easily affected by cold and damp.

Human body functions diminish in the same manner. Congestion and stagnation, poor dietary habits. Inhibition of natural _expression and emotion, a sedentary lifestyle, previous illnesses and injuries, genetic predisposition, and incorrect prior treatment can all result in illness.

Qi is our life force, and functions inside channels much the same as water in pipes. It is the force, which animates us, our capacity to move, think, feel, and work. Under the skin, it protects us from the effects of climate. It powers the organs and regulates the body's constituents, the Moisture-Jin-Ye, the Essence- Jing, the Blood-Xue, and the Spirit or the sense of aliveness seen in one's eyes-Shen.

Qi both governs and creates everything. The acupuncturist's duty is to assist your body by the insertion of needles along these Qi channels and regulating the direction of your Qi flow, removing obstacles to the free flow of Qi, even adjusting the volume of Qi moving through certain areas. 

Adjusting Qi can greatly release stress and pain in the patient's body, boost the immune system, and assist the body in its self-healing. Because of its proven value in helping moderate the function of organs, acupuncture is frequently used in combination with herbs, which are used primarily to nourish the organs' structure nutritionally.

Organ Networks: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney Chinese Medicine
The three foundation theories of Chinese medicine are Yin/Yang, Qi and Channels, and The Five Element Theory. Unique to TCM, the 5-Elements Theory explains the relationships organs have between each other in network settings. These Networks govern particular tissues, mental faculties, and physical activities, and all inter organ communications.

The kidney functional network's job-function is far beyond fluid metabolism and blood filtration. Stored in the kidneys, the Yin Essence is responsible for growth, regeneration and reproduction. The capacity for sharp thinking and accurate perception is associated with the kidneys, as is the will to live. 

Dysfunctions of the Kidney Network may take many forms, Including the emotion of fear, paranoia, apathy, ringing in the ears, despair, low back pain, weak vision and problems in the areas controlled by the kidneys: the teeth, bones, narrow, brain, inner ear, pupil of the eyes, lumbar region, knees, and muscle/organ fascia.

The kidneys receive heat or fire from the Heart, creating a steam-mist that cools the Liver, Lungs, Heart and Brain. If internal circulation and transport of heat and moisture is disturbed, it can wreak havoc on the body's internal climates, causing imbalances of all kinds just as we are seeing in Nature.

Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment methodology
Practitioners have a number of very unusual methods by which signs and symptoms are observed and analyzed. Feeling the radial artery's pulses on both wrists provides the acupuncturist with the equivalent of an ultrasonic reading of the internal organs. This requires extreme sensitivity and takes years to master. Close examination of the patient's tongueChinese Medicine color, body, coating, and moisture provides clearly visible clues to the patient's disharmony and is a reliable portrait of the organs. The practitioner always observes the patient's Shen (Mind) to determine the capacity for self-healing. At the same time, physiognomy, the study of the face's coloration, puffiness under the eyes, deepness of lines, and other patterns reveal various organ functions.

Other methods includes listening to the voice, smelling, palpating the organs and channels, and questioning the patient; all for the purpose of identifying a pattern of disharmony, to ultimately find the cause of the disease, in order for the practitioner and patient to be able to work together to try and eliminate or control or minimize the existing problem.

Chinese Herb Treatment
Chinese patterns of disharmony do not correspond to the Western vocabulary of named diseases and conditions, but they are both logical and intuitive. In China, where Western medicine and technology is in short supply or not effective, Chinese herb is the effective primary care tool.

Patient success stories:
From Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic
A 36-year old man suffered from fatigue, poor memory, dry hair, a tingling sensation in the limbs, and constipation withChinese Medicine slightly dry stools. With a choppy pulse, his tongue was pale, thin and slightly dry. These signs and symptoms point to a deficiency of Liver-blood. Acupuncture points on the patients liver channel were stimulated, moxibustion was used on the spleen channel, and herbs were used to tonify liver yin. The health problem was then resolved.

A 38-year old woman suffered from hypochondrium pain and distension, her face had a light-yellow complexion, scanty and dark yellow urine, fever, thirst without the desire to drink, and her mouth had a bitter taste in it often. Her pulse was slippery and wiry. Feelings of anger over a long period of time usually cause this pattern, a stagnation of Liver-Qi and implosion of stagnant Qi into Fire, with excessive consumption of greasy food creating dampness, heat. After several acupuncture treatments, the fire of liver Qi was calmed and Qi was back to its harmonious state.

A 46-year-old man suffered from fatigue, loss of appetite, loose stools, stiffness in the shoulders and neck, shortness of breath, anxiety attacks. Financial worries had depleted both spleen and lung Qi. Herbs were given to assist digestion and create a sense of emotional lightness. Acupuncture treatments and Meditation were successfully to free up posture and Qi distortions of the lungs.

Chinese MedicineA 38-year old woman had drained her major medical insurance from treatment of her nausea, headaches and digestive upset. This condition remains undiagnosed medically. She was treated for gallbladder Qi dysfunction with acupuncture and herbs. Her condition is much improving and is a most appreciative patient.

One patient's acute back pain was alleviated for the first time in 6 months using just 1 needle for 3 seconds. He brought 4 friends to the clinic in the following weeks.

A 67-year old man woke up one morning unable to walk. Medical specialists were unable to diagnose the cause, or to treat the symptoms. It is really enjoyable to see this patient progress from wheelchair-to walker-to cane-to no cane in 6 weeks time. This patient's strength is also increasing as the days pass.

Post-surgical abdominal pain is very common. It is also exceptionally difficult to deal with using Western Medicine methodology and diagnosis. With the theories of Qi and channels to analyze, needling the correct points relieved the pain.

Do you have migraine headache? We have an excellent success rate for alleviation or elimination.

A 42-year old woman had suffered from chronic hives all her life, and spent a lot of money on medical specialists in the past 3 years alone, been to see the best and had been told statistics about her condition, and was informed that she had better learn to live with it. Four days on her herbs, and the hives disappeared, and none since came back. Asked about her adaptation to the taste of the herbs, she says that anything is better than hives.

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1. South Shepherd Clinic Location:
  2405 South Shepherd @ Westheimer (between Westheimer and Fairview), Houston, TX 77019.
  Tel: 713-529-8332    
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2. West Holcombe Clinic

  2431 West Holcombe @Kirby (between Kirby and Fannin Street), Houston, TX77030.
The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner.713-666-5667
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